Give Your Car a Check-Up

Schedule your vehicle diagnostics at Federal Automotive Service & Towing in Bethel &  Danbury, CT

At Federal, we have over 60 combined years of automotive experience diagnosing and repairing every engine problem or malfunction on the road. Whether major or minor, our mechanics at Federal in Danbury, CT, are adept at figuring out what ails your car and fixing it F.A.S.T!

Squeaky brakes?
Your brakes are a vital part of your vehicle that should always be kept working. If you have to really depress the brake pedal for it to work, or your vehicle is pulling to one side as you drive, or if there is a grinding and vibration coming from your brakes, come see us for a full brake assessment.

Check Engine Light On?
When the check engine light is on, turn to Federal Automotive & Towing to check it out so our experts may diagnose the engine light codes and get the repairs you need to get back on the road - lights out and worry-free!

There are hundreds of codes that could trigger your CHECK ENGINE LIGHT. Even the most common reasons can have many possible causes. Some top CHECK ENGINE LIGHT codes are:
• Problem with the Mass Air Flow (MAF) sensor or circuit.
• System Running Too Lean. An oxygen sensor detected a lean condition (too much oxygen in the exhaust)
• System Running Too Rich: The oxygen sensor detected a rich condition (or a too-high fuel to oxygen ratio)
• Cylinder misfire: A P0300 series of codes indicates a random or multiple misfire in your engine.
• Knock Sensor Circuit Malfunction: Your vehicle's computer constantly adjusts and retimes the engine so that it doesn't produce harmful pre-ignition detonation or knock.
• Insufficient Exhaust Gas Recirculation (EGR) Flow
• Catalyst System Efficiency below threshold

These are just a few of the hundreds of codes, causes and symptoms. Each has multiple fixes.

Our expertise in vehicle diagnostics means we can quickly pin-point what is causing your CHECK ENGINE LIGHT to come on and we will recommend only what needs repair. Fixed right on the first visit, every time!

Federal Automotive Service and Towing is NAPA Auto Care Center and an AAA-preferred service provider. AAA members receive 10% off of labor (up to $50) on all service excluding emissions testing.

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